Question: Is it suitable to my tractor? 
Answer:  It can be installed on all tractors in the market.
Question:How much is its lifting capacity? 
Answer: Lifting capacity of our product is as follows: 
• Up to 75 horse power, 1500kilos
• From 80 to 125 horse power, 2500 kilos
• Above 130 horse power 3500- 5000 kilos 
Question: How do I control the front hydraulics?
Answer: BM, PBM, EM, PEM, SM and PSM models are controlled from your tractor's own damper outputs .TM and PTM models are controlled by the  joystickcontrol systems connected to the cabin and to the front by means of our own hydraulic system.Thus, when connecting equipment to the front hydrolicTM and PTM models allow you to control the ground without getting out your tractor
Question:  Can I get a laddle? 
Answer:  Yes, you can effortlessly connect all your equipment, including the bucket, thanks to our adjustable slides.
Question:   Are there sensitivity the front arms?
Answer:There is no sensitivity in our front hydraulic system.
Question: Is there floating in front arms? 
Answer:Our front hydraulic system has 3 different floating positions. The first position is the mechanical floating position we offer as standard. Second position is the hydraulic floating position selective from the position control valve, and the third position is the hydraulic floating position selective from the position control valve.
Question: Can I use a silage machine with front PTO? 
Answer:We do not operate the silage machine because we make Pto oil pressure in the front hydraulic system that we produce. We are working on mechanical pto.
Question:Will it harm my tractor?
Answer:Our product is produced according to the specified standards and does not harm your tractor. On the contrary, your tractor is protected with sachet.
Question:Will it break the warranty of the tractor?
Answer:The warranty is not broken as there is no application on the tractor that will break the warranty.
Exact solution for the bouncing of New  Holland T5 115 tractors. We solve this problem with our 3 Nas Front Hydraulic System and add power to your tractor.
Please call us to order our SM model. +90 532 617 94 59 
Very reasonable prices for bulk orders are waiting for you.
Our aim; to make the tractors of our valuable farmers use versatile; to save fuel, time and labor.
3 Nas "Fertile Harvest" reduces the cost of production with the equipment it produces, saves you time and profit.



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